How to: Layer for fall.

I have started feeling chilly in my class room’s AC and my night walks on the terrace. This is a sign. Winter is coming. (That’s most from Game of Thrones that I know of!) In my hometown on the other hand, winter is blooming quite swiftly and my father does not leave the house without a jacket.

So for north India, the good times are here. And even though you may judge me for a fact that I like summer better, I don’t mind dressing up for winters too! Specially right now, when you don’t have to layer tons of garments, not here in the capital at least. Hence, here is my guide to light layering which I am quite implementing these days!

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The most raw form of fashion, street fashion has suddenly taken the world by storm. And how I like it? Oh, I love it. We are all lovers of all things fancy and nice but do we not sometimes like to go with some fresh, crude, fashion. Well, everyone may or may not do it but street style is one of the most frequent used words in the fashion industry today.

The name itself depicts where is comes from. And not until long ago, it belonged just there. On the streets. However, a new wave of fashion has brought with it this new trend and from fashion innovators to celebrities, everyone is going gaga over the same. Aren’t you?

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