The Jodi Lookbook 03!!


Summer is here, soaring high.  In the capital it is so hard to breathe, let alone worry about what to wear. I find it so hard to wear clothes in this heat. Yes, I wish we were stone age humans and roaming around with no clothes on. Seriously though, I cannot imagine myself wearing skinny jeans or a bodycon dress in this heat. A simple cotton shirt dress, or a t-shirt and shorts does the trick for me.

But what do you do on days where you need to look a little dressed up? You obviously can’t wear bling bling in this heat. I definitely can’t. Classy day wear becomes a little difficult. This is when The Jodi Life came to my rescue. I have been in love with their collections for a long time now and there have been two Jodi Life lookbook here on blog already (Check them here and here) but I definitely wanted to show you this beautiful dress and how you can kill those summer days with a bang. Let’s see the three looks I created:

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Hey everyone,

How are we doing today? My life has been quite down-hill lately. I have some hair infection thanks to which I am left with 20% of what hair I used to have and it just won’t stop. And of course I am quite upset about it. There is one thing however, that makes me smile and keeps me motivated and that’s this blog and you guys! I hope you guys will still love me even if I got bald. Haha (no, I’m serious.)

Anyways, let’s cut the gloom and come to today’s post. Today is going to be another style fiesta and I am sure you are going to love this one. We all know what a rage the falling shoulder tops are this season and of course we can’t help but get our hands on one.

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