“For she always dreamt of the world outside, the journeys and the jungles. She wasn’t the one to be tamed. So, it was about time things changed. And they did, for the good! She ran away, to be free and to be her own.”

The princess you met last week changed her life. I have always believed that we always do best, the things that we love. Any life is incomplete if we do not go for what we love. So to those who are still living the lives they never wanted, I just wanted to say that it’s never too late. NEVER.

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“Today’s is the story of a princess! She is young and smart but a little disappointed in her life. Of course being a princess may look good on the outside, only few know of the pain and boredom it burdens you with. This one is an adventurer, stuck in a palace. She is supposed to look her best every minute, neat and feminine. Will she be able to change her life or be caged for the rest? ….”

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Hey everyone,

We all have some wardrobe staples, don’t we? Some pieces that we like so much that we try and pair it with every other thing and are afraid to lose! Then there are things which are some wardrobe must-haves! These are pieces that you believe should exist in everybody’s messy cupboards and you are always glad that at least you own them.

Well today I am going to talk about about something that I believe is both! My denim jacket. It is not necessary that you will agree with me but for me a denim jacket, first is a perennial deal. You can wear it all year long (Of course, not in scorching heat, but generally!) Second, it can be paired up with almost anything, ANYTHING! And this is why it is a wardrobe must have for me!

In this post I am going to style my denim jacket in 4 ways out of the other million that are possible. Let’s do it,

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A big hello to all you beautiful people!

Just how Sophie in Confessions of a shopaholic says; “I love new clothes. If everyone could just wear new clothes everyday, I reckon depression wouldn’t exist anymore.” Well, not everyone is that lucky right? But that does not also mean that we need to be sad about it. STYLE is the word. Creative styling can turn every old clothing into a new one without even having to spend any money and you all know that this is what I do here on my blog. I try to show you how a single piece can be styled in different ways so you dont have to wear the same shirt with the same pants again. 🙂

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