The Modern Woman (Part 3)

And here we are, the last part of one of my favourite series. For someone, who for the most part of her life, wished she was born as a boy, today, I am proud to be a woman.

It is sad though; sad that a lot of girls I met as a kid, even as a teenager, wished they were a boy too. And I am glad that sooner or later we accept. Accept that we are women, women who can be a boy (whatever that means!), and be so much more.

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How are you today? My day has been great so far. All I have done is wake up late and stay in bed with food and movies. They give us gaps between exams expecting us to study, this is what we actually do. But anyways, the best part of the day is here. The blog. Thanks to my exams the schedule has gotten a little shaken up but I make sure to post twice a week. 😀

Having lived all my life on a hill station, I don’t adore winters as much as others do. I am more into summers, with two pieces of clothing on and you’re good to go. Of course summers are harsh in multiple ways but they are fun. Winters can be fun too. I hate to layer so many clothes and your bags become heavier when you travel but that’s where the creativity comes in. Winters are great to experiment with your style. There are so many options to try from and I promise you that I will keep my ‘less love’ for winter aside and bring you some of the greatest winter trends and styles.

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