“I have nothing to wear!”

Story of our lives.

With a wardrobe stuffed with clothes, I still find it hard sometimes to find what to wear and I know most of you go through the same thing. It has always been the same. As kids, me and my brother only received two pairs of clothes a year and we were never happy. But now, even when my wardrobe door is almost jammed, I still throw a fit at times on how I have nothing appropriate. Haha. I think that’s how it will always be. Not to forget that we still manage to dress fabulous even after all of this drama.

But, as crazy as we can get, we are never tired of new clothes. So today I am going to talk about how to get some more. Steal from your man. Now that man can be your father, brother, friend, boyfriend, husband or even the men’s section of a store!

I have always been a fan of androgynous clothing. I love how comfortable and fun it can be! Since times immemorial, I have shopped from stores meant for men. The t-shirts are my favourite. We never get such rad prints on t-shirts meant for the ladies, ugh. I mean, can’t a girl enjoy some witty graphics or pictures on her chest? Sure, we can!

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How to: Style a Saree, part 03.

The third contemporary way I wore my saree.

Let me give you my third reason before we move ahead. The only couple of times I’ve ever worn a saree, I was always worried about the blouse. The blouse has to be breath taking, isn’t it? Being the size that I am, I could never even borrow from somebody else. Such a hassle!

Now? Now it doesn’t matter because now I know that a blouse doesn’t have to be a ‘typical’ saree blouse. It can anything from a crop top, a shirt, a tee-shirt to a blazer like I wore in the previous part of this series. If you haven’t checked the first two ways I styled this saree in, take a look here: Part 01 and Part 02.

So yes, today is to showing that you do not need a ‘normal’ blouse for a saree. So don’t get worked up for that impromptu function or ‘oh! The tailor ruined my blouse’ , try anything that you think may go with the saree. I chose a to wear a bardot top in my first part, a  blazer in the second and this time I am wearing a bell sleeved printed top.

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How To: Style a Saree, part 02.

Today I am supposed to be telling you the second reason why I’m doing this series right? Thank fully I have it right here, on the palm of my hands. This is because I very strongly believe in it and it is a great change that I am anticipating will take the world over, sooner or later.

Minimal statement jewelry. Yes! Yes, you read that right. Somehow by default, when we hear the word statement jewelry we instantly imagine those huge, detailed, heavy and “not-everyday” pieces we see and wear only occasionally. However this is not true. Not true to my belief at least. For me statement jewelry has to be anything that is a conversation starter, people have to turn around for a second look and simply makes a statement everywhere it goes. And of course, such statement pieces can be minimal. Today I’ll show you what I’m talking about.

A few months ago during the Amazon India Fashion Week I came across a designer Vrindaa and her label Silvense. According to her, her designs manifest freedom and individuality, which is very much visible. I love how contemporary yet grounded the collection is. It is for the modern, fierce, independent woman we have today.

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DIY TUTORIAL: Aye-Aye Shirt.

A big hello to each one of you!

How are you today? I am home after months and it feels amazing. It is so confusing though. I just want to get back to work asap. 😀

Before we move to your favourite kind of posts, DIY tutorials, I have something to tell here. The skirt with patches that I recently wore to the AIFW  got amazing receptions everywhere. People literally went gaga over it and some even wanted to buy the same.  (In case you missed, check it all out here!) Now after this huge positive response I am contemplating selling some handmade patches, brooches and other accessories that you can use to quirk your clothing up. Let me know if you think I should go ahead with this idea. I’ll be waiting.

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I know you love DIY tutorials and oh my god how much I do too! Since forever have I been a girl who likes to make things. I think the two reasons for the same would be – (a) being broke all the time (b) being a creative head. I mean no, I am not an immensely creative person but I’d like to believe that a certain and good extent I am. Art Attack and MAD would be one of my favourites on TV and oh how sick my mother would get watching me make all weird things I did. She would later just throw them away of course!

Anyways, in a nut shell, I love DIYs and wearing things I make. You feel like a tiny designer in yourself when you wear you own stupid creation.

And well how often do we find our soul mates? I found my creative soulmate in Charuta. You know her from her blog Modayalda. She is all sorts of crazy like me and while I stick my DIY experiments to myself, she actually sells what she makes? Isn’t that amazing?

We have collaborated before but this time we did it for the one thing that brings us together, our love for DIYs. Let’s take a jump into the post and see what we are serving you today.

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How many times have I mentioned that I am obsessed with shoes? A million right! Well, shoes are honestly my biggest weakness. I am not saying that I have a gazillion pair of shoes but I am working towards it. I can do without a lot of clothes and accessories but not without good shoes, no.

Talking about good shoes, I sincerely do not believe that the most expensive and branded shoes are the best. Not at all. After years of hit and trails you finally become wise enough to judge a shoe  nicely. And I can say that I have seen brands failing miserably and shoes from local stores doing much better. All you need is a good eye.

On the blog itself, I have shown you a number of shoes from different places and told you why I got them. For me, the style and quality both matter equally. I can’t wear boring shoes. Now simple does not mean boring. There is a difference there too.

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How excited am I? Oh you have no idea. I have always been this person who looks at things and says, “I am not buying that when I can easily make it!” Although I rarely ever do that, but when it happens, it is pure love. I love to create, be it looks or things.

So, hello everyone! I am back with my series of DIY tutorials and I promise you that it is going to be bigger and better. Wohooo! 😀 I’ve a list of some amazing ideas that we are going to try this time but all I need from you people to show your support and share your honest opinions with me. Trust me, this helps so much!

Alright, the first one of this year is going to be a very simple DIY that you can try right away! We are going to revamp a shawl/stole. Yeah, the title gave the suspense away! Haha

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Hey you guys!

Weekend is here! 😀 Sadly I’ve a lot of college projects to work on. *sigh* haha But anyways after a long while I have finally got you a great DIY. Wohooooo! Also thanks to your wishes, I am finally off the bed and back to work. Trust me I did this DIY today itself. 😛

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Hello my loves,

College Essentials – I have been waiting to do this post for a long time now.  A few of you even suggested me the same and I am really sorry for  the delay. But better late than never, right? 🙂 So here I am with my top ten college essentials.

DISCLAIMER- This one is going to be a long read. 😛

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Hey you guys!

First and foremost , I want to thank everyone for the tremendous love for these DIYs. Even though I manage these on my own and the pictures are not good enough you beautiful people love them all. I’ve been getting a lot of requests for more and some have even come up with suggestions! All this is really overwhelming. In case any of you has a request or an idea don’t forget to shoot it in! 🙂

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