Into The Woods

Jungles have always been really close to my heart. Whether it was reading about Mowgli, or the fact that I grew up on a hill station, jungles mean a lot to me.  Back in my hometown, I had a special place where I would go read, write, listen to my favourite Avril Lavigne songs, sing them out loud sometimes, had my first kiss and even contemplated killing myself. That spot, in the middle of the woods, witnessed a lot from my life.
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Back in school, in the senior secondary, in English we had a chapter called Going Places. The story revolved around a girl, Sophie, who loved day dreaming and sometimes went a little too far. Her dreams started to look like realities to her and she was lost.

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Hello all,

It’s Tuesday and I am back with another beautiful post for you guys. Last Friday saw no post since I was down with fever for about a week. Still kinda am. But anyways, I am going to try my best to come up with posts on time so you need not worry! Yayy.

Today’s post features a brand called Vajor. Now, trust me, it has been one of favourites ever since I came across it. I already had quite a few pieces from the brand which I adored, so when I got a chance to collaborate with them, I was more than excited.

So, I received this beautiful pair of culottes, yes culottes, with forest leaves printed all over. And why I focused on the word culottes is because they are so flared that anyone can mistake them for a skirt. I end up calling them a skirt every time myself. Culottes are so comfortable, they always remind me of those divided-skirts we had in school for P.T. days! Haha

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