A Week In Velvet

I am a huge Man Repeller fan and if you do not know what that is, go look it that before anything. You can thank me later! Great, so, guys there post stories like “I dresses as Kim K for a week”, “I dressed at Diane Keaton for a week” and other similar stories that I absolutely love. And while I was trying to figure ideas for the next blog story, I knew I wanted to do something similar but also different in way. Because, come on, this is my blog right? Anyway, that’s when it struck me. Velvet.

I chose velvet for 2 reasons:

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How to: Velvet!

A lot of things that I hated earlier have made their comebacks this season. Bell bottoms and velvet top my list. Bell bottoms made me look much skinnier and velvet, well I never liked it. I thought it was the worst of fabrics and was so OTT. Funny how you change with time right?

Now bell bottoms seem to be taking over my wardrobe one piece at a time and velvet too is finding its way. Well velvet definitely is one of the most beautiful fabrics we have, and I took my sweet time to realise that.

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