9 Reasons Why You Should Try An All-White Outfit Tomorrow

When I first decided to do this story, the one title that came to my head was, “How to do an all-white outfit without looking like a cigarette!” Or, a tampon? But the matter of fact is, you ARE going to look like a cigarette and you definitely are going to look like a tampon. Should it stop you from doing it? NOPE, absolutely not.

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Surprise! Surprise!

I know, I know, today was supposed to be the third look with the saree day. Right? Yeah. But I thought of sharing a little last minute surprise with you guys. And of course, the saree looks will be out soon too!

So let me tell you what’s happening here. First, Rihanna is now the Creative Director for Puma. Do we need a reason for that? I guess not. Second, Myntra and Puma are holding a contest where in the best Rihanna inspired looks will get great surprises and the top two entries will get to go to the US to meet Rihanna in person! Don’t you sing I love the way you lie because this is not one. The best part is, YOU can participate to. I will give you all those details in the end.

Here I am sharing with you my own entry for the contest. The look had to be inspired by Rihanna. But instead of copying her style I decided to take here sense, her vision. She likes it bold, experimental and out-there.

So I went for an all white look with a white Puma tee, a Puma cap and a pait of white jeans. Now, I needed to represent India here. The ethnicity and culture here and I apologise if I haven’t done it in the best way but I decide to go for some Indian jewelry. Well actually, a lot of it. Lot a gold. My shoes also happen to be zari embroidered peeptoes. Beat that!

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A big cold hello to each one of you!

Why cold you ask? Well it is so hot here in Delhi that giving some cool vibes might provide some relief. Okay, I’ll stop.

So before anything else, I would like to express my gratitude to each one of you who takes time and reads the blog, follows me on Instagram. You all, your comments, likes, messages everything makes my day. It makes me work harder, so thank you for that. I love you all the most. ❤

Coming to today’s blog post, you all know what a big Vajor fan I am. They recently came out with their collection of Ikat, called the Ikat Story. In my last post I also told you guys how Ikat is currently the ‘in’ thing right now.Its amazing how you  can see it everywhere all of a sudden. 😀

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